Health Resources


Dr. Hone Wing Tsang R.AC., Chinese Acupuncture & Herbalist Clinic

(780) 433-9565

Animal Care

Dr. Dan Martin, Certified Animal Chiropractor

(780) 217-9639

Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic

(780) 436-4944


Dr. Lambert W. Sindelar, Alternative Chiropractic Clinic, Wetaskiwin, AB

(780) 352-6411

Colon Hydrotherapy

Michelle Dubyk, Pura Holistic Therapies Inc.

Massage Therapy - Myofacial Release

Michael Despins, RMT, True Fuction Massage Therapy


The Body Works Pilates Studio

Scoliosis Corrective Care

Dr. Dennis Woggon, BSc, DC, Clear Scoliosis Center of St. Cloud Minnesota


Shanti Yoga Studio