Success Stories

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Dr. Timothy Sharp

Family Success Story

In March of 2014 I made a life changing decision to my move my children and myself out of a very toxic situation. With the help of loving family and friends we were getting back on our feet. Shortly after moving we started to see Dr. Sharp regularly. He prescribed much need vitamins and minerals and we began the journey to getting all 6 if us back to the best of health.

Two of my boys, Hans and Rourke, have very enlarged adenoids and tonsils and through eliminating dairy and grains as well as practicing nose breathing we are getting them to where they need to be.

Just before Christmas of 2014 all of my children came down with something that knocked them out for nearly 4 weeks. It even landed my eldest, Seamus, in the hospital for 8 days. In that time I would had loved to have been able to take him to see Dr. Sharp, however,  it was not possible.

After Seamus was released I made appointments for u all. With regular adjustments through the summer and the intake of vitamin D and fish oils prescribed by Dr. Sharp we made a slow and steady recovery. On top of helping Felix with his neck fracture, we are all getting to where we need to be.

Its always an interesting time trying to keep all 4 boys as well as my daughter in line, as there is always sibling love dished out, some in stronger doses than others :)

We keep on improving all of our with each day and visit.

Thank you Dr. Sharp and to the amazing staff that works with you.

- Lorrina and the crew

Child Neck Fracture: Healing the Natural Way 

On June 2nd 2014, Felix had an accident and fractured his C4 vertebra. Once released from the hospital we went immediately to see Dr. Sharp. We started with Laser and Magnetic therapy twice a week for the first 3 weeks to concentrate on healing. Going 2 times a week for the entire summer, and making sure Felix was looked after and taken care of by the best in the world. Felix is now a very active and healthy 5 year old recovering fully.

I don't think Felix would be where he is today progress wise if I would have done what the neurologist had suggested. Working together with the chiropractors after a major traumatic injury is an amazing way to recover fully and to have the best chance possible to get where you need to be health wise.

I just want to thank Dr. Sharp for your amazing help and to the very special staff that work along side you :)

- Lorrina B

Family Chiropractic Success Story

When I was in high school I was involved in a terrible car accident that left with me with post traumatic stress disorder and a severe case of whiplash. I sought treatment after treatment of massage therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture along with anti-depressants to help with my PTSD. This continued for several years but to be honest, I never ever felt normal again and eventually the pain and suffering I felt just became my "new normal". It was all I knew and I got used to it.

Then one day, I was referred to Dr. Sharp by my massage therapist. After a comprehensive initial visit where Dr Sharp defined in his trademark manner exactly what chiropractic meant and what I could expect from him,  he sent me for very comprehensive X-Rays (which I had never had done in the years following the accident) and lo and behold, the X-Rays were a glimpse into the damage my body had suffered and continued to suffer for over a decade. When Dr. Sharp showed me the results and explained to me what they meant, I was devastated. He reassured me that he would be able to help me and bring me some relief. He wasn't lying. After seeing Dr. Sharp weekly for a few months, I started to come alive and feel better than I had in many, many years. My posture has improved and I go days, even weeks without any shoulder and neck pain. I am still getting regular treatment for maintenance and other minor issues I will continue to see Dr. Sharp for the rest of my days.

My husband and our two sons are also regular patients of Dr. Sharp. My husband has had chronic lower back pain for almost a decade that refused to go away, despite years of treatments.  Again, after a few months at Liberty he can go months without having back pain.

My eldest son was diagnosed with epilepsy after many years of unexplained seizure-type activity.  My son began receiving several different types of treatments, and Dr. Sharp has been part of our holistic and natural approach to helping our son be well.  Since April his seizure activity has gone from several times a month to once every few months, to almost never, and we know that chiropractic has been part of the healing process. 

Both of our sons adore him and look forward to their time in the clinic. We feel as though we are a part of the Liberty family.

Dr. Sharp has brought a sense of calm, reassurance and relief to our family. I cannot imagine what we would have done without him.

Thank you for your gift, Dr. Sharp. You have literally changed our lives for the better.


The Campbells

Shockwave Therapy Success Story

Dear Dr. Sharp,

I want to commend you on your adoption of Shockwave therapy; it complements your cutting edge holistic approach to health care treatment and adds a very powerful tool to your arsenal. 

Shockwave has made a huge difference in my life and restored mobility to my knees. Although my back issues have been kept in check with chiropractic, my arthritic knees had got worse. The recent difficulty I faced having to walk especially on stairs or run caused me great knee pain occasionally requiring the use of a cane over the last 8 years, worsening my overall health. The arthritis was formally diagnosed as moderately severe in the right knee and mild in the left in 2009. The degeneration was painful and swift even with the anti-inflammatory medication. Often more debilitating than my back pain.  

After my treatments, my knees feel much better. I can once again walk for longer distances, do squats and was even able to run 150 yards to catch my bus. Can I tell you how great that feels to not even hesitate at the thought of running and for it to not actually hurt by doing so. I also don't take medication for the arthritis anymore and actually don't have to receive as frequent chiropractic treatment for my back, overall health has improved. With the knees feeling 85% improvement over 6 months ago.

I look forward to hiking, golfing and enjoying life again instead of worrying about having knee replacement or back surgery. I have you to thank for improving my quality of life through your innovative holistic methods and use of shockwave, magnetic, naturopathic and chiropractic treatments. I would highly recommend trying the Shockwave therapy to actually resolve instead of just manage the condition.

Thank you,


Spinal Decompression Success Story

Have you ever woken up in the morning and not been able to get out of bed without rolling to the edge and basically falling out?  That was my life before I met Dr. Sharp.

Long story short, I have spinal compression in my lower vertebrae, my bones don't line up properly and my disc was very compacted.  Dr. Sharp suggested the decompression table and I gave it a try.

Within the first 2 sessions, I already noticed a huge improvement in my morning routine.  I could get out of bed like a normal adult and I experienced lower levels of daily pain.  After a few months of intensive treatment, the improvement was beyond belief.  I felt, for the first time in my life, like a normal person who could go out and do anything without fear of throwing something out or having a huge backache.

I have gone into a maintenance program and still feel 100%.  I highly recommend this treatment to everyone and as I'm fond of saying "it's my favorite place to hang out".  Try it, what have you got to lose except pain.   Angie H.  Edmonton

Chiropractic Success Story

I have been suffering from headaches for as long as I can remember, and for a few years now they have gotten progressively worse and more frequent.  The pain would be so bad I could not leave my room.  Lights, sounds, and smells would all bother me.  My family doctor wrote me prescriptions for Tylenol 3s. I changed my diet. I even went to my dentist to remove my wisdom teeth, think that may be the problem, but even with all this there was still no change.  My headaches were still unbearable. 

I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor, and honestly thought that since I don’t have back pain that I wouldn’t need to go, and if I went once than I would have to come all the time and become a slave to it.  I also had an idea that this might cause more problems and then I would have to come more.

Dr. Sharp was my first chiropractor. I started seeing him in February of 2014.  He had x-rays done on me my first visit so he could actually see what was structurally wrong with me. Since we started treatment, he has helped me with my posture, guided me to improve my overall health, (as well as my family as my husband is also seeing him for his own treatment).  And, for the first time in many, many years, I am happy to say that I no longer have headaches. It’s amazing!

Thank you Dr. Sharp! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Trista S.

Shockwave Therapy Success Story

I attend a gym on a regular basis, going 5 to 6 days a week.  About a year ago I injured my right lat and rotator cuff muscles from lifting weights.  From over compensation of the injury, I also developed a chronic case of golfers elbow in the right arm.  Between the two injuries, my right arm had become useless in any type of activity.  Sleeping was a problem.  If I did fall asleep on the right side, the pain would wake me or the sharp pain just wouldn't let me sleep on that side at all.  Lifting the blankets off in the morning was impossible.  The weight of the bedding created a pain like that of someone driving a 6 inch nail in my shoulder.  Between the elbow problem and my shoulder, my workouts had been reduced to lifting girly weights and visiting with the geriatrics that were training with the same weights as myself.  I could not lift anything with my right arm.  I was getting frustrated with other treatments that were not working, massage, acupuncture, and physio.  When Dr. Sharp brought in the shockwave therapy and suggested that I give it a try, I was skeptical about another voodoo treatment that wouldn't do much of anything.  After my first treatment, the pain had been reduced by 25%.  After my fourth treatment, I am so excited to say that I am back.  Back to normal without any pain in either my forearm, elbow or shoulder.  In the gym, I am doing dumbbell curls with 45 lb. weights again, lat pulldowns with 200 lbs, and 70 lb. dumbbell shoulder press.  Thanx Dr. Sharp for introducing me to this treatment, it has been an absolute transformation, in my physical health and my mental well being from where I was a year ago.  Liberty Chiropractic has given me back my liberty!  L.B.